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Celebrity Portraits

My commemorative drawings for

Warner Bros. Fine Arts are of iconic movie stars

from American film classics who 

we love and admire.

Stars of Hollywood Blvd.

    Selected Portraits

Portraiture is Fine Art

Portraiture is Fine Art

"I am blessed with a gift of being able to
capture emotions and feelings in my portraits
making you feel as if the subjects have come
to life.

My portraits honor those who we love and
admire. I feel  great joy that I add value to the
lives of my clients and their families because
they treasure my Forever Portraits that speak
to their hearts."


Fran Lew

Give  Your Loved Ones the Greatest Gift of All -  A Forever Portrait
A Family treasure that will be cherished for  generations to come

Portrait Commissions Are Being Accepted

The  portraits are rendered in charcoal and pastel on toned paper


Judy Garland as Dorothy and Toto in the
1939 Movie Classic 'The Wizard of Oz'

"With her rich use of texture and subtle emotional undercurrent, Lew’s drawings are more than mere representations of classic film moments, they breathe life into the actors. What would, in lesser hands, be a fine portrait, become living beings in hers. Her unique ability to reach deeply inside her own self to discover the emotional core of her subject separates Lew from other celebrity portrait artists."


Chuck Jones Gallery

New Release


John Lennon  


Marilyn Like No Other

16 1/2" x 14"

Marilyn Unzipped   22"x18"

Fran 4.jpeg


Marilyn Pink 11"x14"



Marilyn on the Beach 19"x 25"


Marilyn with Fur Coat 25"x19"

Illustration for “Made in Hollywood”, Biography about the life of child star and World-class photographer, Scott Morrow.    25”x19”

James Cagney    16"x20"


Princess Leia
charcoal and white pastel on toned paper "13.5 x 13.5"

  "Star Trek Stars"
25"x19" Charcoal and Pastel on Toned Paper




Clark Gable as Rhett Butler and Vivien Leigh as Scarlet O'hara in

the 1939 American epic historical romance film 'Gone With the Wind'


Rhett Butler - Four Aces


Lew         Lucy


Sam Spade





Courtesy United States Federal Reserve Board Art Collection


Chuck Jones   "What's Up Doc ?"


Ol' Blue Eyes









Ciao Roma



Clint Eastwood. Pastel. 16"x20" 


Limited Edition Giclee prints,

collages designed by Scott Morrow
Charcoal and pastel drawings by Fran Lew.

$350.00.                                          25”x19"

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